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IEEE dot net projects (.net projects), cloud computing

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·        A Decentralized Self-Adaptation Mechanism For Service-Based Applications In The Cloud
·        A Dictionary Learning Approach For Poisson Image Deblurring
·        A Fast Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm For High-Dimensional Data
·        A Flexible Approach To Improving System Reliability With Virtual Lockstep
·        A Formal Usability Constraints Model For Watermarking Of Outsourced Datasets
·        A Highly Scalable Key Pre-Distribution Scheme for wireless sensor networks
·        A New Algorithm For Inferring User Search Goals With Feedback Sessions
·        A Novel Message Scheduling Framework For Delay Tolerant Networks Routing
·        A Privacy Leakage Upper Bound Constraint-Based Approach For Cost-Effective Privacy Preserving Of Intermediate Data Sets In Cloud
·        A Probabilistic Misbehavior Detection Scheme Tsowards Efficient Trust Establishment In Delay-Tolerant Networks
·        A Rank Correlation Based Detection Against Distributed Reflection Dos Attacks
·        A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System With Secure Data Forwarding
·        A Secure Routing Protocol for mobile Ad-hoc Network
·        A Survey Of XML Tree Patterns
·        A System For Denial-Of-Service Attack Detection Based On Multivariate Correlation Analysis
·        Active Trace Clustering For Improved Process Discovery
·        Adaptive Fuzzy Filtering for Artifact Reduction in Compressed Images and Videos
·        An Effective Network Traffic Classification Method With Unknown Flow Detection
·        Analysis of mobility models – SIMPS
·        Anchor: A Versatile And Efficient Framework For Resource Management
·        Annotating Search Results From Web Databases
·        Anomaly Detection Via Online Oversampling Principal Component Analysis
·        Anti Void Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
·        Anti-void routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks
·        Asymmetric Correlation- A Noise Robust Similarity Measure For Template Matching
·        ATM Networks for Online Monitoring System
·        Attribute-Based Access To Scalable Media In Cloud-Assisted Content Sharing Networks
·        Authentication of biometric systems
·        Automated Fingerprint Recognition Using  Structural Matching
·        Automatic Reconfiguration For Large-Scale Reliable Storage Systems
·        Behavioral Malware Detection In  Delay Tolerant Networks
·        Best Effort Multimedia Services
·        Blur And Illumination Robust Face Recognition Via Set-Theoretic Characterization
·        Caching strategies in manet using dsr and aodv routing protocols
·        Cam: Cloud-Assisted Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring
·        Cam: Cloud-Assisted Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring
·        Client side watermark embedding using look up table approach
·        Cloud computing – Optimal Service pricing
·        Cloud computing - Security of the cloud
·        Cluster Building in Wireless Sensor Networks
·        Clustering Uncertain Data Based On Probability Distribution Similarity
·        Comparable Entity Mining From Comparative Questions
·        Computer Security-Detection of C-Worms
·        Constructing Limited Scale-Free Topologies Over Peer-To-Peer Networks
·        Context -Aware Sparse Decomposition For Image Denoising And Super Resolution
·        Cooperative Packet Delivery In Hybrid Wireless Mobile Networks - A Coalitional Game Approach
·        Coverage And Energy Consumption Control In Mobile Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
·        Crowdsourcing Predictors Of Behavioral Outcomes
·        Data Caching In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
·        Data Communication Parallel Multichannel Communications
·        Data Transferring Congestion and Delay Rate Calculate
·        Data Traveling Random Direction using MANETs
·        DCIM: Distributed Cache Invalidation Method for Maintaining Cache Consistency in Wireless Mobile Networks
·        Digital Watermarking For Digital Media
·        Discovery And Resolution Of Anomalies In Web Access Control Policies
·        Distributed Cache Management in Information-Centric Networks
·        Distributed database management – optimization of performance
·        Distributed Node Migration by Effective Fault Tolerance
·        Distributed Strategies For Mining Outliers In Large Data Sets
·        Distributed systems- dynamic load balancing policy
·        Double Guard: Detecting Intrusions In Multitier Web Applications
·        Dynamic Control for Cache Updating Network System
·        Dynamic Multilevel Priority Packet Scheduling Scheme For Wireless Sensor Network
·        Dynamic Personalized Recommendation On Sparse Data
·        Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Virtual Machines For Cloud Computing Environment
·        Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations
·        Dynamic Trust Management For Delay Tolerant Networks And Its Application To Secure Routing
·        EAACK—A Secure Intrusion-Detection System For Manets
·        Effective Packet Analyzing and Filtering System for ATM Network
·        Efficient compression of encrypted  grayscale images
·        Efficient Fuzzy Type-Ahead Search In XML Data
·        Efficient Intrusion detection system for ad hoc networks
·        Efficient parallel data processing
·        Enabling Dynamic Data And Indirect Mutual Trust For Cloud Computing Storage Systems
·        Energy efficient algorithm for mobile ad-hoc networks- random cast algorithm
·        Energy Maps for Mobile Wireless Networks
·        Enforcing Secure And Privacy-Preserving Information Brokering In Distributed Information Sharing
·        Facial Recognition using multisensor images based on localized kernel Eigen spaces
·        Facilitating Document Annotation Using Content And Querying Value
·        File Transfer Protocol Client
·        Firecol: A Collaborative Protection Network For The Detection Of Flooding DDOS Attacks
·        Fully Anonymous Profile Matching In Mobile Social Networks
·        Gibraltar prototype for detection of kernel level root kits
·        Grouping-Proofs-Based Authentication Protocol For Distributed RFID Systems
·        Hacker Detection in Wireless sensor network
·        Harnessing The Cloud For Securely Outsourcing Large-Scale Systems Of Linear Equations
·        HASBE: A Hierarchical Attribute-Based Solution For Flexible And Scalable Access Control In Cloud Computing
·        HTTP Proxy Server
·        Image Acquisition – Optimal Color Filter Array(CFA)
·        Image Steganography – Least Significant Bit (LSB) approach
·        Image Water Marking and Combustion
·        Increasing user privacy in mobile networks
·        Intercity Search Query Processing
·        Internet traffic detection mechanism
·        Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
·        Intrusion detection using layered approach and conditional random fields
·        Location Based Search Engine
·        Mining User Queries With Markov Chains: Application To Online Image Retrieval
·        Mobile ad-hoc networks- secure distance based localization
·        Modeling The Pair wise Key Predistribution Scheme In The Presence Of Unreliable Links
·        Mona: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing For Dynamic Groups In The Cloud
·        M-Privacy For Collaborative Data Publishing
·        Multi Server Communication In Distributed Management System
·        Multi User CHAT
·        Multicast authentication protocol using batch signature
·        Multicast Live Video Broadcasting Using Real Time Transmission
·        Multiparty Access Control For Online Social Networks- Model And Mechanisms
·        Multiple Chat Server
·        Multiple Copy Case using Mobile Networks
·        Multiple routing configurations for IP networks
·        NICE: Network Intrusion Detection And Countermeasure Selection In Virtual
·        NICE: Network Intrusion Detection And Countermeasure Selection In Virtual Network Systems
·        OCCT: A One-Class Clustering Tree For Implementing One-To-Many Data Linkage
·        On Privacy Of Encrypted Speech Communications
·        Online intrusion detection with alert aggregation
·        Optical Flow Estimation For Flame Detection In Videos
·        Optimal Client-Server Assignment For Internet Distributed Systems
·        Optimal Multiserver Configuration For Profit Maximization In Cloud Computing
·        Optimal Peer-To-Peer Scheduling For Mobile Wireless Networks With Redundantly Distributed Data
·        Optimization of energy consumption in wireless sensor networks
·        Optimization of packet scheduling for wireless networks
·        Optimized fault correction in overlay networks
·        P2P networks- Investigation of competition among peers
·        Packet Losses Measurement
·        Parallel File Downloading Peer-To-Peer Networks
·        Path integration algorithm for mobile wireless networks
·        Privacy Preserving Data Sharing With Anonymous Id Assignment
·        Privacy Preserving Delegated Access Control In Public Clouds
·        Privacy Preserving Public Auditing For Secure Cloud Storage
·        Probabilistic Approach To String Transformation
·        Projection method for Image Watermarking
·        Propagation analysis of internet worms
·        Proxy Server Connect and Re-Connect using Bank Application
·        Qos Ranking Prediction For Cloud Services
·        Radio Frequency Identification – Protocol for security
·        Ranking Model Adaptation For Domain-Specific Search
·        Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler (RBPH)- Network control
·        Retrieving Files Using Content Based Search
·        Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images By Reserving Room Before Encryption
·        Revisiting Defenses Against Large-Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks
·        RFID Authentication
·        Router Link Failure Detection
·        Scalable And Secure Sharing Of Personal Health Records In Cloud Computing Using Attribute-Based Encryption
·        Secure Mailing System
·        Secure Mining Of Association Rules In Horizontally Distributed Databases
·        Security And Privacy Enhancing Multi-Cloud Architectures
·        Security Evaluation Of Pattern Classifiers Under Attack
·        Server and Clients Node Capture Attacks
·        Shortest Path Finder in Wireless Networks
·        Slicing: A New Approach For Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
·        SMTP/POP3 Client
·        SORT: A Self-Organizing Trust Model For Peer-To-Peer Systems
·        SPSO- Relevance Feedback A Power Tool In Interactive Content-Based Image
·        Steganography – Methodology to minimize additive distortion
·        Straight line routing algorithm for multi-hop wireless networks
·        Supporting Search-As-You-Type Using SQL In Databases
·        Sybil Defender: A Defense Mechanism For Sybil Attacks In Large Social Networks
·        Throughput Optimization in wireless network - Adaptive CSMA algorithm
·        Time Synchronization Based On Slow Flooding In Wireless Sensor Networks
·        Towards Differential Query Services In Cost Efficient Clouds
·        Towards Differential Query Services In Cost-Efficient Clouds
·        Towards Secure Multi-Keyword Top-K Retrieval Over Encrypted Cloud Data
·        Towards Trustworthy Resource Scheduling In Clouds
·        Traffic balancing of multicast multi-path mobile ad-hoc networks
·        TrustedDB: A Trusted Hardware Based Database With Privacy And Data Confidentiality
·        Two Tales Of Privacy In Online Social Networks
·        Two Tales Of Privacy In Online Social Networks
·        Usage And Domain Knowledge
·        Vampire Attacks- Draining Life from wireless ad Hoc  networks
·        Video Multicasting in Muilticellular Wireless Networks
·        Visual Cryptography Schemes for Encoding of Secret Image
·        Warning Bird: A Near Real-Time Detection System For Suspicious Urls In Twitter Stream
·        Watermarking - detection of data leakage
·        WDM Mesh networks- Optimization of data transfer rates
·        Web-Page Recommendation Based On Web

·        Wireless cellular networks- resource allocation

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