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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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o Simple, two-wire, remote monitoring unit
o Three-LED level display, 9V battery powered
o Beeper or flashing LED alert
o 1.5V battery powered portable unit
o Suitable for computer cooling fans
o LED motor speed indicator
o Useful for power lines control
o Simple, transformerless circuitry
o Suitable for any Infra-red emitting device
o 3V battery supply
o Water reservoir automatic level control
o Simple circuitry - 12V supply
o Compact, transformerless circuitry
o No relays employed
o Alternative version of the popular circuit
o 3V battery supply - Still operating at 1.3V
o Powered by two AA NI-CD batteries
o Four switchable options
o Clap sensitive on-off Relay
o 3V Battery operated, small portable unit
o Detects and counts inputs and outputs
o Suited to control Lamps, Household Appliances etc.
o 15 seconds delayed switch-off
o A good idea for bedroom lamps
o Hangs up on the door-handle
o Beeps when someone touches the door-handle from outside
o 30 minutes operation
o Blinking LED signals 6 last minutes before turn-off
o Beeps 7.5 seconds after a preset time
o Adjustable time settings: 15 s. 30 s. 1 min. 2 min. & others
o Gradually increases speed as temperature increases
o Widely adjustable temperature range
o Detects if the door-bell has rung in your absence
o Also suitable for different electric appliances
o Compact circuitry using small-size parts only
o Can be wired in parallel to existing switches
o High sensitivity, portable temperature comparator
o Detects draughts around doors, windows, etc.
o Detects if a device is not properly connected to its supply
o Suitable for battery chargers, portable appliance supplies etc.
o Detects 1.8 to 220 Volts DC or AC
o Minimum parts counting
o Remote sensor sends data via mains supply
o Temperature range: 00.0 to 99.9 °C
o Tests 1.5 to 15 Volt cells
o Two-LED display, no power supply required
o One LED monitors three levels: 50, 70 & 85 dB
o Useful to detect too noisy environments
o Ultra-low current drawing
o 1.5V battery supply
o Useful for liquids level detection and proximity devices
o Up to 50 cm. range, optional relay operation
o A low-rate flashing lamp drives away undesired visitors
o Automatic on-off operation
o Detects the presence of a live mains conductor
o Minimum parts counting
o Controlled by indoor and outdoor temperature
o Simple, high reliability design
o Beeper and/or LED remotely-operated via mains supply line
o Simple circuitry, easy to build units
o Flashes a LED when detecting an incoming call
o Powered by one 1.5V cell
o Senses high current-flow into power cables
o No wire-cutting, three versions available
o Mains sockets switched automatically by a Control Socket
o Up to 1000W switched power
o Beeps if you leave open the door over 20 seconds
o 3V battery operation, simple circuitry
o A flashing LED signals the necessity to water a plant
o Very low current consumption - 3V powered circuit

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