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1.     High Reliability and Efficiency Single-Phase Transformer less Inverter for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
2.     Synchronous-Reference-Frame-Based Control of Switched Boost Inverter for Standalone DC Nano grid Applications
3.     Transformer less Inverter With Virtual DC Bus Concept for Cost-Effective Grid-Connected PV Power Systems
4.     Step-up AC Voltage Regulators with High-Frequency Link
5.     High-Efficiency Single-Phase Transformer less PV H6 Inverter With Hybrid Modulation Method
6.     High Step-Up DC/DC Topology and MPPT Algorithm for Use With a Thermoelectric Generator
7.     Grid Interfacing of Multi mega watt Photovoltaic Inverters
8.     A High Step-Up Converter With a Voltage Multiplier Module for a Photovoltaic System
9.     Reduction of Current Harmonic Distortion in Three-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverters via Resonant Current Control
10.                        Mitigation of Low-Frequency Current Ripple in Fuel-Cell Inverter Systems Through Waveform Control
11.                        A Family of Three-Switch Three-State Single-Phase Z-Source Inverters

1.     DTC Scheme for a Four-Switch Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Emulating the Six-Switch Inverter Operation
2.     An MRAS-Based Diagnosis of Open-Circuit Fault in PWM Voltage-Source Inverters for PM Synchronous Motor Drive Systems
3.     Performance Improvement of Induction Motor Current Controllers in Field-Weakening Region for Electric Vehicles
4.     Control of Improved Full-Bridge Three-Level DC/DC Converter for Wind Turbines in a DC Grid
5.     Maximum Torque per Ampere (MTPA) Control of an IPM Machine Based on Signal Injection Considering Inductance Saturation
1.     Single-Phase Single-Stage Transformer less Grid-Connected PV System
2.     A Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique for Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Systems in Microgrids
3.     Design and Implementation of a Unity Power Factor Fuzzy Battery Charger using an Ultra sparse Matrix Rectifier
4.     Stability and Performance Investigation of a Fuzzy-Controlled LCL Resonant Converter in an RTOS Environment
5.     Quasi-Z-Source Inverter-Based Photovoltaic Generation System With Maximum Power Tracking Control Using ANFIS

1.     High-Efficiency Single-Input Multiple-Output DC–DC Converter
2.     Nonlinear Power Sharing Controller for a Double-Input H-Bridge-Based Buck boost–Buck boost Converter
3.     A Half-Bridge Converter With Input Current Ripple Reduction for DC Distribution Systems
4.     Magnetizing-Inductance-Assisted Extended Range Soft-Switching Three-Phase AC-Link Current-Fed DC/DC Converter for Low DC Voltage Applications
5.     Fault-Tolerant Strategy for a Photovoltaic DC–DC Converter
6.     Series Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converters With Voltage Auto balance for High Input-Voltage Applications
7.     Hybrid Boost Three-Level DC–DC Converter With High Voltage Gain for Photovoltaic Generation Systems
8.     A Boost Converter With Capacitor Multiplier and Coupled Inductor for AC Module Applications
9.     Interleaved High Step-Up ZVT Converter With Built-In Transformer Voltage Doubler Cell for Distributed PV Generation System
10.                        A High-Efficiency Solar Array Simulator Implemented by an LLC Resonant DC–DC Converter
11.                        Development of an HT PEM Fuel Cell Emulator Using a Multiphase Interleaved DC–DC Converter Topology
12.                        A New Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter With Zero DC-Offset Current in Transformer
13.                        Adaptive Step Size With Adaptive-Perturbation Frequency Digital MPPT Controller for a Single-Sensor Photovoltaic Solar System
14.                        Reduced-Order Model and Control Approach for the Boost Converter With a Voltage Multiplier Cell
15.                        Interleaved Boost Converter with Ripple Cancellation Network
1.     Bridgeless SEPIC Converter With a Ripple-Free Input Current
2.     A High Step-Down Transformer less Single-Stage Single-Switch AC/DC Converter
3.     Digital Plug-In Repetitive Controller for Single-Phase Bridgeless PFC Converters
4.     Nonlinear Behavior and Instability in a Three-Phase Boost Rectifier Connected to a Nonideal Power Grid
5.     With an Interacting Load
6.     Improved Voltage-Vector Sequences on Dead-Beat Predictive Direct Power Control of Reversible Three-Phase Grid-Connected Voltage-Source Converters
7.     Performance Improvement of Direct Power Control of PWM Rectifier With Simple Calculation
8.     High-Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional AC–DC Converter for a DC Distribution System
1.     Multilevel DC-Link Inverter and Control Algorithm to Overcome the PV Partial Shading
2.     A Family of Neutral Point Clamped Full-Bridge Topologies for Transformerless Photovoltaic Grid-Tied Inverters
3.     A Three-Level Converter With Reduced Filter Size Using Two Transformers and Flying Capacitors
4.     A Generalized Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Series Connection of Submultilevel Inverters
5.     Single-Carrier Modulation for Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverters in Three-Phase Transformer less Photovoltaic Systems
6.     Space-Vector-Modulated Three-Level Inverters With a Single Z-Source Network
7.     A Single-Phase Grid-Connected Fuel Cell System Based on a Boost-Inverter
8.     Design and Implementation of Energy Management System With Fuzzy Control for DC Micro grid Systems
9.     Predictive Algorithm for Optimizing Power Flow in Hybrid Ultra capacitor/Battery Storage Systems for Light Electric Vehicles (Only Single Phase Output)
10.                        Analysis, Design, and Experimental Results of a Novel Soft-Switching Snubber less Current-Fed Half-Bridge Front-End Converter-Based PV Inverter
11.                        Novel Energy Conversion System Based on a Multimode Single-Leg Power Converter

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