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Intelligent fuzzy MPPT controller using analysis of DCtoDC novel buckconverter for photovoltaic energy system applications (Include Solar Panel).
Switched affine systems control design with application to DC to DC converters
High Conversion Ratio Bidirectional DC-DCConverter with Coupled-inductor
Effect of Control Method on Impedance-Based Interactions in a Buck Converter.
Minimum Time Control for Multiphase BuckConverter: Analysis and Application.
An Optimal Minimum-Component DC-DC Converter Input Filter Design and its Stability Analysis.
Adaptive Gate Switching Control for Discontinuous-Conduction Mode DC-DC Converter.
A low voltage buck DC-DC converter using on-chip gate boost technique in 40nm CMOS.
Study of a DC-DCconverter with large step-down voltage conversion.
On-Chip Digital Inductor Current Sensor for Monolithic Digitally Controlled DC-DCConverter.
Dual-input single-output DC-DC-AC converter.
A new approach to design switching strategy for the Buckconverters.
Integrated single-inductor dual-output DC-DCconverter with power-distributive control .
New Extendable Single-Stage Multi-Input DC-DC/AC BoostConverter.
Soft-Switched Dual-Input DC–DCConverter Combining a Boost-Half-Bridge Cell and a Voltage-Fed Full-Bridge Cell.
Direct Voltage Control of DC-DCBoostConverters Using Enumeration-Based Model Predictive Control
Efficiency Optimization through Current-Sharing for Paralleled DC-DCBoostConverters with Parameter Estimation.
High step-up DC/DCconverter for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles.
Determining the Value of DC-Link Capacitance to Ensure Stable Operation of a Three-Phase Photovoltaic Inverter
Application and Stability Analysis of a Novel Digital Active EMI Filter Used in a Grid-Tied PV Microinverter Module
Enhancement of PV Penetration With DSTATCOM in Taipower Distribution System
Decoupling Capacitor Selection in DCM Flyback PV Microinverters Considering Harmonic Distortion
A Systematic Approach to DC-Bus Control Design in Single-Phase Grid-Connected Renewable Converters
An Energy-Stored Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Application to Photovoltaic Power System
Power Adaptor Device for Domestic DC Microgrids Based on Commercial MPPT Inverters
Integration and Operation of a Single-Phase Bidirectional Inverter With Two Buck/Boost MPPTs for DC-Distribution Applications
Quasi-Z-Source Inverter-Based Photovoltaic Generation System With Maximum Power Tracking Control Using ANFIS
A Comparative Study on Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic Power Systems
Decrease in Photovoltaic Power Output from Ripple: Simple General Calculation and the Effect of Partial Shading
A Fast Current-Based MPPT Technique Employing Sliding Mode Control
Adaptive MPPT Applied to Variable-Speed Micro hydropower Plant
A Power Electronics Equalizer Application for Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Modules
Development and Operational Control of Two-String Maximum Power Point Trackers in DC Distribution Systems
Photovoltaic Power-Increment-Aided Incremental-Conductance MPPT With Two-Phased Tracking
A DC–DC Boost Converter With Variation-Tolerant MPPT Technique and Efficient ZCS Circuit for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Applications
Statistic and Parallel Testing Procedure for Evaluating Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms of Photovoltaic Power Systems
A High Step-Up Three-Port DC–DC converter for Stand-Alone PV/Battery Power Systems
Design and realization of maximum boost Z-Source Inverter for solar power applications.
An Inner Current Suppressing Method for Modular Multilevel Converters
Systematic Design of High-Performance Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverters With Active Voltage Balance and Minimum Switching Losses
Adaptive Selective Harmonic Minimization Based on ANNs for Cascade Multilevel Inverters With Varying DC Sources
Harmonic Distortion Optimization of Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters Considering Device Voltage Drops and No integer DC Voltage Ratios
Avoiding a Voltage Sag Detection Stage for a Single-Phase Multilevel Rectifier by Using Control Theory Considering Physical Limitations of the System
A Novel DC Voltage Control Method for STATCOM Based on Hybrid Multilevel H-Bridge Converter
High Performance Digital Hysteresis Control for Single Source Cascaded Inverters
A Model-Based Controller for the Cascade H-Bridge Multilevel Converter Used as a Shunt Active Filter
Capacitor Voltage Regulation in Single-DC-Source Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converters Using Phase-Shift Modulation
Improving Output Performance of a Z-Source Sparse Matrix Converter Under UnbalancedInput-Voltage Conditions
Z-source five leg inverter.
A Unified Control Strategy for Three-phaseInverter in Distributed Generation
A Zero-voltage switching Three-PhaseInverter
Current control assisted and non-ideal Proportional-Resonant voltage controller for four-leg three-phaseinverters with time-variant loads
Modulation and control techniques of three-phase fourwire inverter topologies used in power distribution system
Sensorless Control of BLDCMotor Drive for an Automotive Fuel Pump Using a Hysteresis Comparator .
Torque Ripple Reduction in Brushless DC Drives Based on Reference Current Optimization Using Integral Variable Structure Control
Comparison of conventional & PID tuning of sliding mode fuzzy controller for BLDCmotor drives
A sensorless direct speed control for brushless DC motor drives
A simple method of tuning PID controllers for BLDC motor
Sensorless control algorithm of BLDC motors with current model
A novel speed measurement method for a high-speed BLDC motor based on the signals from the rotor position sensor.
High-Power-Factor Single-Phase Diode Rectifier Driven by Repetitively Controlled IPM Motor
A Nine-Level Inverter Topology for Medium-Voltage Induction Motor Drive With Open-End Stator Winding
Space-Vector-Modulated Three-Level Inverters With a Single Z-Source Network
Motion-Sensor less Control of BLDC-PM Motor With Offline FEM-Information-Assisted Position and Speed Observer
Digital Control Strategy for Four Quadrant Operation of Three Phase BLDC Motor With Load Variations
Comparison of conventional & PID tuning of sliding mode fuzzy controller for BLDCmotor drives
Model Predictive Direct Speed Control with Finite Control Set of PMSM Drive Systems
Untrained Artificial Neuron-Based Speed Control of Interior Permanent-Magnet Motor Drives Over Extended Operating Speed Range
Harmonic Compensation With Zero-Sequence Load Voltage Control in a Speed-Sensorless DFIG-Based Stand-Alone VSCF Generating System
A High-Performance Photovoltaic Module-Integrated Converter (MIC) Based on Cascaded Quasi-Z-Source Inverters (qZSI) Using eGaN FETs
Generalized Multicell Switched-Inductor and Switched-Capacitor Z-Source Inverters
Small-Signal Modeling of Open-Loop PWM Z-Source Converter by Circuit-Averaging Technique
Modeling and Control of Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Distributed Generation Applications
Improved Trans-Z-Source Inverter With Continuous Input Current and Boost Inversion Capability
Single-phase switch mode boost rectifier: an improved design/control applied to three phase AC-DC converters to power up telecommunication system.
A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Applications.
Control Loop Design for a PFC Boost Converter With Ripple Steering
Analysis and Design of a New AC–DC Single-Stage Full-Bridge PWM Converter With Two Controllers
A Novel Integrated Buck–Flyback Nonisolated PFC Converter With High Power Factor
Analysis and Design of a Push–Pull Quasi-Resonant Boost Power Factor Corrector
Analysis and Design of a Single-Stage High-Power-Factor Dimmable Electronic Ballast for Electrode less Fluorescent Lamp
A New Single-Phase Single-Stage Three-Level Power-Factor-Correction AC–DC Converter With Phase-Shift Modulation
Design-Oriented Analysis and Performance Evaluation of a Low-Cost High-Brightness LED Driver Based on Fly back Power Factor Corrector
Interleaved Boundary Conduction Mode (BCM) Buck Power Factor Correction (PFC) Converter
Adaptive Control of a Voltage Source Converter for Power Factor Correction
A Nonlinear Controller Based on a Discrete Energy Function for an AC/DC Boost PFC Converter
High-Efficiency Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter Without Electrolytic Capacitor for Low-Output-Voltage AC–DC LED Drivers
A Driver for the Single-Phase Brushless DC Fan Motor With Hybrid Winding Structure
Implementation of a High Efficiency, High Lifetime, and Low Cost Converter for an Autonomous Photovoltaic Water Pumping System
Distribution Voltage Control for DC Microgrids Using Fuzzy Control and Gain-Scheduling Technique
Active Power Filter Control Strategy With Implicit Closed-Loop Current Control and Resonant Controller
Isolated Three-Phase High Power Factor Rectifier Based on the SEPIC Converter Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode
DC/DC and DC/AC Converters Control for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Energy Management-Ultracapacitors and Fuel Cell
Dual Half-Bridge DC–DC Converter WithWide-Range ZVS and Zero Circulating Current
Simplified Averaged Models of DC–DC Power Converters Suitable for Controller Design and Microgrid Simulation
Optimal Design of a Multilevel Modular Capacitor-Clamped DC–DC Converter
Novel High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for Distributed Generation System
Analysis and Comparison of Medium Voltage High Power DC/DC Converters for Offshore Wind Energy Systems
Fast Transitions Between Current Control Loops of the Coupled-Inductor Buck–Boost DC–DC Switching Converter
A High-Efficiency Wide-Input-Voltage Range Switched Capacitor Point-of-Load DC–DC Converter
Improving the Dynamic Response of a Flying-Capacitor Three-Level Buck Converter
Improving the Dynamic Response of a Flying-Capacitor Three-Level Buck Converter
A New ZVS DC/DC Converter With Three APWM Circuits
Zero-Voltage Switching PWM Three-Level Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter With Wide ZVS Load Range
Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter With a Full ZVS Range and Reduced Output Filter for High-Voltage Applications
High-Efficiency Digital-Controlled Interleaved Power Converter for High-Power PEM Fuel-Cell Applications
Design and Control of a Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter for Regenerative Applications
A Study on Bus Voltage Sag Considering the Impedance of SFCL and Fault Conditions in Power Distribution Systems
Flexible Voltage Support Control for Three-Phase Distributed Generation Inverters Under Grid Fault
Fault Current Interruption by the Dynamic Voltage Restorer
Fast Evaluation Methods for Voltage Sags in Ship Electrical Power Systems
Reactive Power Compensation in Single-Phase Operation of Microgrid
D-STATCOM With Positive-Sequence Admittance and Negative-Sequence Conductance to Mitigate Voltage Fluctuations in High-Level Penetration of Distributed-Generation Systems
StatCom Control at Wind Farms With Fixed-Speed Induction Generators Under Asymmetrical Grid Faults
Hybrid Active Third-Harmonic Current Injection Mains Interface Concept for DC Distribution Systems
A New Approach to Theoretical Analysis of Harmonic Content of PWM Waveforms of Single- and Multiple-Frequency Modulators
An Adaptive Voltage Control Strategy of Three-Phase Inverter for Stand-Alone Distributed Generation Systems
Dynamic Behavior of Current Controllers for Selective Harmonic Compensation in Three-Phase Active Power Filters
Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Due to Environmental Characteristics in Distributed Generation System
Per-Sequence Vector-Switching Matrix Converter Modules for Voltage Regulation
Improved Double Line Voltage Synthesis Strategies of Matrix Converter for Quality Enhancement
Wind Energy System With Integrated Functions of Active Power Transfer, Reactive Power Compensation, and Voltage Conversion
Advanced Fault Ride-Through Technique for PMSG Wind Turbine Systems Using Line-Side Converter as STATCOM
An Improved Optimal Sizing Method for Wind-Solar-Battery Hybrid Power System

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