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  1. 3½ digit led DPM operating on +5v for 200mv or 2v
  2. 4 channel temperature scanning for cardiac surgery
  3. 4 digit object counter
  4. 4 digits frequency meter
  5. 4 * 2 printer sharer (computer)
  6. 40W fluorescent lamp inverter
  7. 555 testers
  8. 5-digit interruption counters
  9. 74Ls series CMOS tester
  10. 74 series TTL tester and 741 tester
  11. 8 digit object counter
  12. 8 digits frequency meter
  13. 8085 microprocessor kit
  14. A portable data logger
  15. A single chip timer with digital clock and calendar
  16. AM/FM radio receiver using BEL 7200
  17. AC and DC motor control system
  18. AC motor speed controller
  19. AC power line switching control
  20. Activity control system for industries
  21. Adaptive lighting system for automobiles
  22. Advanced digital trainer
  23. Advertisement display using LED's
  24. Analog frequency
  25. Anemometer and flow meter
  26. Answering M/C & home appliance control through P & T line
  27. Audible continuity tester
  28. Audible thermometer                                                    
  29. Audio communication using fiber optic cable
  30. Audio communication using LASER beam
  31. Audio spectrum analyzer
  32. Audio sweep generator
  33. Audio system through power line
  34. Auto controlled soldering iron
  35. Auto dialing system
  36. Auto switch for toilets
  37. Auto voltage stabilizer using auto transformer
  38. Automatic change over for generator to main supply
  39. Automatic digital time switch
  40. Automatic door opening and closing system
  41. Automatic drainage timer
  42. Automatic drilling machine
  43. Automatic electronic filling machine
  44. Automatic electronic plant watering system
  45. Automatic gate opening system (toll collection, mode)
  46. Automatic induction motor starter with programmable timer
  47. Automatic path finder
  48. Automatic phone pickup
  49. Automatic torch light cum door phone
  50. Automatic remote diesel generator starter
  51. Automatic spray painting gun
  52. Automatic star-to-delta converter
  53. Automatic street lamp
  54. Automatic transformer winding control   system
  55. Automatic voltage stabilizer
  56. Automatic washbasin
  57. Automatic water tank filling system
  58. Auto ranging digital multi meter
  59. Bank token display with speech
  60. Battery charger & discharge
  61. Battery resistance meter
  62. Battery tester
  63. Baud rate generator
  64. Binary to dot-matrix decoder
  65. Bipolar relay with single supply
  66. Bipolar stepper motor control
  67. Blind stick using infrared
  68. Bowel mains running lights
  69. Budget sweep function generator
  70. Burglar alarm to protect your home
  71. C- Band satellite TV receiver
  72. Capacitance meter
  73. Car security system
  74. Care-taker for home appliances
  75. Cell phone line detector
  76. Central locking system
  77. Centralized remote control for multiple systems
  78. Channel spectrum analyzer
  79. Clap - operated remote control for fans
  80. College announcement system (remote)
  81. Color TV demonstration board
  82. Compact frequency meter
  83. Compact switching step down converter
  84. Conductance tester
  85. Conference timer
  86. Configurable clock generator
  87. Contact less AC main voltage detector
  88. Control system for industries
  89. Conversion of TV into CRO
  90. Cordless intercom
  91. Cordless pattern generator
  92. Cordless remote control
  93. Cordless security system
  94. Count down timer
  95. Current and voltage monitoring system
  96. Dancing fountain
  97. Day date computer
  98. DC adapter with battery backup
  99. DC to DC converter
  100. Digital time switch
  101. Digital alarm clock (0.5"/1"/1.5"/3.5")
  102. Digital anemometer (wind speed)
  103. Digital bank token display
  104. Digital bank token display with voice communication
  105. Digital based stepped output voltage
  106. Digital car lock with alarm
  107. Digital chip clock cum calendar.
  108. Digital clock using plasma display
  109. Digital clock with on-off timer
  110. Digital code lock system
  111. Digital control for out door lights
  112. Digital control of machines
  113. Digital controller for outdoor lights
  114. Digital depth measurement
  115. Digital energy meter
  116. Digital fan speed regulator
  117. Digital fire alarm system
  118. Digital heart beat monitor
  119. Digital IC tester
  120. Digital inductance meter
  121. Digital LED volt meter
  122. Digital length measurement    
  123. Digital light (MUX) meter
  124. Digital low frequency meter
  125. Digital low power thermometer
  126. Digital master - slave clock
  127. Digital maximum and minimum thermometer
  128. Digital numeric controlled locking system
  129. Digital PH meter
  130. Digital phase meter
  131. Digital programmable dark room controller
  132. Digital quiz display
  133. Digital score display board
  134. Digital slope measurement
  135. Digital speed control of DC motor
  136. Digital speedometer
  137. Digital STD call meter
  138. Digital switching system
  139. Digital tachometer
  140. Digital thermometer
  141. Digital timer switch
  142. Digital traffic counter
  143. Digital trainer system
  144. Digital V/I meter
  145. Digital V+F meter
  146. Digital visitor counter
  147. Digital volume control
  148. Digital water level meter
  149. Digital watt meter
  150. Digital wide range thermometer
  151. Digital wiring allocation tester
  152. Dish antenna
  153. Doorbell -cum-security alarm
  154. Drainage pump switch
  155. Drilling machine speed controller
  156. Dryer and prevented
  157. DTMF based IR proximity sensor
  158. E- Meter for monitors
  159. Earth fault detector
  160. ECG amplifier
  161. ECG monitor and patient care monitoring
  162. Electronic calling intercom
  163. Electronic capacitance meter
  164. Electronic card locking system
  165. Electronic circuit breaker
  166. Electronic code lock
  167. Electronic doorman
  168. Electronic hand dryer
  169. Electronic ignition system for automobiles
  170. Electronic motor starter
  171. Electronic rain gauge
  172. Electronic soft starter for motors
  173. Electronic stethoscope
  174. Electronic switch starter with single phase preventor
  175. Electronic transformer tester
  176. Electronic voltage stabilizer
  177. Electronic voting machine
  178. Electronic weather cock
  179. Emergency light
  180. Energy meter
  181. Engine RPM meter
  182. EPROM based programmable number locks
  183. EPROM eraser
  184. EPROM programmer
  185. Fax guard
  186. Fiber optic based controlling system
  187. Fire alarm
  188. Fire sensing system
  189. Fixed power supply
  190. Flashing running light
  191. Flip flop timer
  192. Fly killing using rays
  193. FM based long range conversation system
  194. Fm based walkie-talkie
  195. FM intercom through mains signaling
  196. FM receiver
  197. FM telephone transmitter
  198. FM transmitter and receiver
  199. Foot step pressure electrical power generation system
  200. Four-in-one telephone
  201. Frequency converter
  202. Frequency doublers
  203. Fuel consumption meter
  204. Full featured touch control programmable power supply
  205. Function generator
  206. General purpose digital tester
  207. General purpose nickel battery charger
  208. Generator scale enhancement
  209. Glucose drip through motor controller
  210. Governor for 1 phase motor
  211. Governor for single phase motor
  212. Hand held anemometer
  213. Harmonic distortion meter
  214. Heave duty voltage stabilizer
  215. Hexadecimal keyboard
  216. High power stereo integrated amplifier
  217. High input voltage linear regulator
  218. High resolution AC/DC voltmeter with led display
  219. High side current measurements
  220. High speed digital interruption counter
  221. High voltage differential amplifier
  222. Hit the target and electronic game
  223. Home security system
  224. Home telephone system
  225. House security system using laser
  226. Humidity controller
  227. Hygrometer for industries
  228. IC trainer system for 555&741
  229. Industrial control system
  230. Industrial monitoring system
  231. Industrial safety control system
  232. Infer red light barrier
  233. Infra - red traffic counter
  234. Infra red based position controller using stepper motor
  235. Infra red based remote control
  236. Infra red based stepper motor speed control
  237. Infra red cordless head phone
  238. Infra red interruption counter
  239. Infra red operated relay
  240. Infra red proximity sensor
  241. Infrared movement detector
  242. Infrared transmitter receiver
  243. Intelligent car lighting system
  244. Intelligent electronic lock
  245. Ionization meter
  246. IR speed controller
  247. IR volume controller
  248. Lamination machine
  249. LASER transmitter receiver
  250. LCD digital thermometer
  251. LCD MUX meter
  252. LED dial clock
  253. LED speed meter
  254. LED stroboscope
  255. Light brightness control using PWM
  256. Light effect generator
  257. Light meter
  258. Light power thermo meter
  259. Liquid - level gauge
  260. Long duration timer with accuracy
  261. Low noise microphone amplifier
  262. Magnetic field meter
  263. Main phase sequence indicator
  264. Mains fault detector
  265. Mains frequency indicator
  266. Mains voltage detector
  267. Max. Temp. Detector for fan controller
  268. Metal detector
  269. Microphone mixer
  270. Microwave field strength meter
  271. Moving message display
  272. Multi change files alarm system
  273. Multi channel codes lock system
  274. Multi channel emergency indicator
  275. Multi channel logic analyzer
  276. Multi channel programmable timer
  277. Multi channel remote control
  278. Multi channel taco scanner
  279. Multi device control system using fm
  280. Multi range adjustable timer
  281. Multi channel fire alarm system & controller
  282. Multifunction digital counter
  283. Multiple continuity testers
  284. Multipurpose digital counter
  285. Neo digital clock
  286. Noise & vibration detector
  287. Numeric controller gate locking system
  288. Object counter for industrial application
  289. Office call bell system
  290. Op- amp radio
  291. Optical speed measurement for motors
  292. Optical fiber communication using home/industrial controlling system
  293. Optical locking system
  294. Optical speed measurement for motors
  295. Optical taco meter
  296. Opto isolated RS - 232 interface
  297. Over speed prevented for two wheeler
  298. Overload sensing system
  299. P. T. 100 thermo meter
  300. Pal test patter generator
  301. Pattern generator
  302. PC based speed monitoring system
  303. PC based visitor counter
  304. PC battery charger
  305. PC parallel ports relay board
  306. PC-based 4axis stepper motor
  307. PC-to-PC communication using infrared / laser beam
  308. PH meter
  309. Phase failure relay
  310. Phase sequence tester
  311. Phone busy indicator
  312. PIC 16f84/16c84 mini programmer
  313. Power diode for solar power systems
  314. Power factor monitor
  315. Power line intercom
  316. Power line through tachometer
  317. Power room monitor
  318. Power supply with logic battery backup
  319. Pre settable on/off timer
  320. Precise digital AC power controller
  321. Precision amplifier with digital controller
  322. Precision digital stop watch
  323. Presentation running lights
  324. Pressure monitor & control
  325. Pressure switch
  326. Printer sharing box
  327. Programmable bell system
  328. Programmable digital timer cum clock
  329. Programmable liquid level control
  330. Programmable melody generator
  331. Programmable motor speed control
  332. Programmable number lock
  333. Programmable priority time switch
  334. Programmable sine wave generator
  335. Programmable sound synthesizer
  336. Programmable versatile timer
  337. Programmable volume control
  338. Push button dimmers switch timer
  339. Quiz master
  340. Railway barrier monitor
  341. Rain detector
  342. Rainwater storage gauge
  343. Refrigeration temperature control
  344. Remote car security system
  345. Remote flame controller
  346. Remote fuse blow indicator
  347. Remote generator on/off with automatic change over
  348. Remote metal detector
  349. Remote operated furnace flame controller
  350. Remote power electrical appliance controlling telephone line
  351. Remote tachometer
  352. Remote telephone communication for automobile with load control
  353. RF decibel meter
  354. RF transmitter and receiver
  355. Rpm meter with torque indication
  356. S meter for RF systems
  357. Safety switch(ELCB)
  358. Scope triggering aid for video signals
  359. Score display board
  360. SCR/TRIAC tester
  361. Security monitoring system
  362. Security system with cellular
  363. Security systems for cars
  364. Semiconductor tester
  365. Sensitive overload sensor
  366. Sequential switching for industrial application
  367. Serial to parallel converter
  368. Series/parallel equivalent circuits in excel
  369. Servo stabilizer
  370. Shock preventer
  371. Shutter speed meter
  372. Simple AC milli-volt meter
  373. Simple conductance tester
  374. Simple patter generator
  375. Simple preamplifier
  376. Simple self -inductance meter
  377. Simple sweep generator
  378. Simple voltmeter
  379. Sine wave generator
  380. Single board basic computer
  381. Single chip am audio
  382. Single chip clock cum calendar.
  383. Single phase preventer
  384. Single phase voltage tripper and over load protector
  385. Single supply instrumentation amplifier
  386. Single transistor radio
  387. Siren driver
  388. Small power converter
  389. Smart transistor tester
  390. Smoke detector
  391. SMPS power supply for computer
  392. SMPS power supply for TV
  393. Solar agro sprayer
  394. Solar cell power generation with auto tracking system
  395. Solar dryer
  396. Solar light with emergency light (automatic) 
  397. Solar lighting system
  398. Solar panel charge circuit low voltage cut off
  399. Solar tracking system
  400. Solid state voice recorder
  401. Solid-state advertisement display
  402. Sound generator
  403. Sound pressure meter
  404. Sound-to-light unit
  405. Speech synthesizer
  406. Speed control of 1 phase AC motor
  407. Speed control of 3 phase AC motor
  408. Speed controller for model train programmable amplifier
  409. Speed monitor
  410. STD Timer
  411. STD/ISD/PCO call preventer
  412. Stepped power supply
  413. Stepper motor controller
  414. Street light on/off controller
  415. Strobe light
  416. Sweep generator
  417. Switch-less calling bill with counter
  418. Tale recorder for industries
  419. Talking clock with remote
  420. Talking doorbell
  421. Telephone answering & recording machine
  422. Telephone call meter with memory
  423. Telephone calls transfer through remote power line unit
  424. Telephone controlled generic switching system
  425. Telephone controlled remote switch
  426. Telephone exchange
  427. Telephone line based audio muting and light on circuit
  428. Telephone line -interfaced generic switching system
  429. Telephone line monitor
  430. Telephone line switching system with remote electrical appliances on/off indicator
  431. Telephone power line communication
  432. Temperature control with cooling
  433. Temperature controlled fan
  434. Temperature controller for refrigerator
  435. Temperature controller with fan for cooling arrangement
  436. Temperature reference
  437. Test pattern generator
  438. Tester for infra red remote control
  439. Testing and generation laboratory instruments
  440. The new generation stethoscope
  441. The mind reader
  442. The universal timer
  443. Three phase voltage-sharing system
  444. Tone burst generator
  445. Touch controlled variable power supply
  446. Touch-free lights switch
  447. Traffic light control system
  448. Transistor tester
  449. TRIAC light dimmer
  450. TV pattern generator
  451. Two station intercom
  452. Ultra sonic distance meter
  453. Ultrasonic alarm for bind people
  454. Ultrasonic car reversal alarm
  455. Ultra-sonic mosquito repeller
  456. Ultra-sonic movement detector
  457. Uninterrupted power supply - on - line
  458. Universal counter
  459. Universal digital function generator
  460. Universal digital meter
  461. Universal function generator
  462. Universal logic probe
  463. Universal rev counter
  464. Universal symmetric power supply
  465. Universal tester for laboratory
  466. Variable speed multi-output led display
  467. Vehicle speed indication and breaking system
  468. Vehicle speed, fuel, temperature, air calculation
  469. Versatile digital frequency counters cum clock
  470. Vibration sensor
  471. Video pattern generator
  472. Voice activated FM transmitter
  473. Voice coding and decoding
  474. Voice controlled switch
  475. Voltage inverter
  476. Voting machine
  477. Walkie-talkie through phone conversation hearing system
  478. Walkman radio player
  479. Watch dog
  480. Water level indicator cum controller
  481. Water storage tank level remote indicator & controlling system
  482. Watt meter
  483. Wireless apartment centralized security system
  484. Wireless taco reading through power line
  485. Yarn detector and breaking controller  

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