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Portable Collapsible Motorized Golf Cart

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A portable collapsible golf cart vehicle adapted for use on a golf fairway and collapsible for storage and transport. A scooter-type vehicle having a steering mechanism and rear propelling mechanism in which the steering mechanism includes a steering column coupled with a steering handle for rotation of the steering column. A pivotal connection is provided for pivotally connecting and locking the steering mechanism in one position during propelling of the vehicle and in another position for storage of the vehicle. The mechanism includes a pivotal unit and a rear wheel with the pivotal unit being in a first position for use in a scooter vehicle and in a second position for storage in the compact condition.


1. Field of the Invention

This invention is concerned with a portable collapsible motorized golf cart.

More particularly, the invention is concerned with a scooter-type of motorized vehicle or a two-wheeled motorized vehicle for movement on golf links for use as a golf cart and is equipped to carry a golf bag with golf clubs, clothing and other
paraphernalia which a golfer considers necessary. The motorized vehicle is collapsible to reduce it in size and volume to facilitate storage thereof during non-use and, in particular, to permit transport thereof in the trunk or luggage compartment of a
motor vehicle.

1. Description of the Prior Art

Current vehicles presently used by a golf player are a three or four-wheeled self-moving vehicle which permits the movement from one position to another and onto which the golf bag and clubs can be placed and carried. Also, there is provided a
club-holder which can be manually dragged along the fairway. The first of the aforesaid vehicles is suitable to perform what is intended, but it is too big and costly for use both on the fairway and to store and transport in a motor vehicle or
automobile and, in any case, the prior art vehicle would require a carrier or trailer to move it from one set of golf links to another.

Since players do move from one golf course to another, and some desire to take the cart home with themselves, it is necessary to provide an easily transportable item.


The invention provides for a simplified transport motor vehicle using a scooter frame provided with only two wheels, and a separate, accompanying housing for the golf bag and clubs. This results in a lower cost and ease of manufacture, as well
as reduction in the vehicle weight and dimension and, during non-use, provides for a movement of its parts into a compact form to enable storage as well as a reduction in size of the frame compartment, to place the motor vehicle into the storage area or
trunk of a passenger automobile-type motor vehicle.

A feature of the invention generally includes its particular linear frame on which the player can ride and carry the required golf clubs and other necessary materials, and the scooter-type vehicle provides for the proper support of the player.
In order to propel the vehicle, the player grasps the handle-bar and removes a vehicle stabilization device which is activated when stopping the vehicle and brings one foot which is on one side of the scooter on the support base thereof, and the user
places himself with the posterior part of his body against the support part or seat while holding the vehicle in a slightly slanting position by means of the other foot on the ground to determine a balancing condition. The player then starts to drive by
gripping the handle-bar to accelerate a drive motor and brings the foot which is still on the ground onto the other support base which is on the other side of the scooter frame for determining and providing a balanced disposition and, consequently, the
advancement of the scooter-type vehicle. At the end, to stop this movement, the player or user brings, in the following sequence, the placement of his two feet onto the ground and the scooter-type vehicle is placed into a stopped position.

The scooter-type vehicle generally includes a frame made from three basic parts which move into overlapping relationship relative to each other for achieving a reduction in size.

To these ends, the present invention consists in the provision of a motorized golf cart in the form of a scooter-type vehicle having a pair of wheels, one of which is a rear wheel and the other of which is a front wheel, and one of the wheels is
a steering wheel for steering the scooter-type vehicle with the wheels aligned along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle in the direction of travel, and includes a frame having three basic parts; one of the parts being a linear scooter having an upper
pair of parallel support bases for the feet of the user, a front part bearing on a pin joint provided on the steering column to permit movement of the steering column from a normal conventional use position to a storage position and a lower down portion
integral with the wheel hub for a front wheel and an upper part provided with a telescoping steering column with a handle-bar. A posterior part includes a motorized unit for rotating the other or rear wheel. An area proximate to the seat or support
part is provided for carrying a kit container and a golf bag container for the clubs, and a support for the player. The support and player support are used to support the rear portion of the scooter vehicle in its folded and stored condition.


FIG. 1 is a side view of a scooter-type vehicle ready for use with golf clubs shown in their position in a golf club container;

FIG. 2 is a rear side view of the vehicle of FIG. 1 in a compact or reduced size condition; and

FIG. 3 is a rear view of the vehicle of FIG. 1, and as shown in FIG. 2, already in a compact condition.


Referring now more particularly to the drawings, linear scooter 1 generally includes a pair of parallelly arranged, oppositely disposed support bases 2, 3 (see FIG. 3), one on the left side of the scooter and the other on the right side, for
placement of a user's left and right foot thereon, respectively. Coupled with each of the parallel bases 2, 3 is a coupling member 4a having a pin joint 4 providing an axle connected with a steering column 5 rotatable about the axle (not seen) within
the pin joint 4 to provide a steering mechanism for the scooter 1. The coupling 4a provides for a steering post holder mechanism to permit rotation of the steering column or steering member 5.

Steering column 5 is angulated and includes, a lower end thereof below the pin joint 4, a hub member 6 having an axle portion 6a to which a front free wheeling wheel 7 is rotatable about the axle portion 6a journalled within hub member 6; and at
an upper end of steering column 5, above pin joint 4, there is provided a telescopic arrangement including an outer column 9 which is pivotally connected at a pivotal connection and locking joint 8 with a lower portion 6b extending from hub member 6 and
a steering control including a handle-bar unit 10. The handle-bar unit 10 is a conventionally arranged U-shaped member 10a (see FIG. 3) having a post 10b which extends substantially orthogonally into column 9 in a telescopic arrangement so that
handle-bar 10 can be raised or lowered relative to outer column 9 of steering member 5.

At the rear of the scooter 1, there is a rear end unit 11 which includes a hub unit 11a to provide for journalling of a rear end shaft 12 to which a rear wheel 13 is held thereon for rotation axially about the shaft 12. Unit 11 and steering
column 5 are axially arranged along a central axis of the scooter 1.

Pivotally connected with rear end unit 11 is a kit container 16 and a golf club container 17 for holding and transporting the golf clubs. Kit container 16 and golf club container 17 are pivotally connected by virtue of pivot joints 14 and 15
(see FIG. 3) on opposite sides of rear end unit 11 to facilitate rotation of kit container 16 and golf club container 17 from a vertical position (in use position) as shown in FIG. 1 to a substantially horizontal position (a storage position) as shown in
FIG. 3.

Locking pins 21, 22 (see FIG. 3) are provided to lock kit container 16 and golf club container 17 in the upright (in use) position as well as to permit them to be rotated about rotation joints 14, 15 to another locking position (the storage
position) for a condition for storage. Coupled with kit container 16 is a support 18 on which is provided a seat support part 19; the support 18 is used as a support for the seat support part 19, and seat support part 19 and support 18 are integral with
each other for supporting the user or golf player during driving of the scooter as well as for support of the kit container 16 and golf bag container 17 in the folded or compacted condition thereof.

Unit 11 can preferably contain a battery operated unit or a motor unit which is operable by means of an acceleration grip 20 on handle-bar unit 10 in much the same way as a conventional motor-cycle unit; the wiring interconnections are omitted
for the sake of simplicity of showing.

Golf container 17 includes a rest 23 for the handle-bar 10 in the closed condition, as best seen in FIG. 2. Rest 23 can also be used as a hook to hang items. Kit container 16 can be used to store various items which a golfer may consider
necessary to carry.

Kit container 16 includes arms 16a and 16b. One end 16c of arm 16a is rotatably connected to rotation joint 14 (see FIGS. 1 and 3) and one end of arm 16b is locked by means of locking pins 21 and 22, respectively. Locking pins 21 and 22 are
unscrewed from their position in FIG. 1 and locked into locking pin receivers 21a and 22a, respectively. Locking pin 21 and receiver 21a are shown in FIG. 1, and the rear of the side view in FIG. 1 which is not shown also includes locking pin 22 and
receiver 22a which are shown in FIG. 3. The locking pins 21 and 22 are unscrewed from their first locking position in the upright condition of kit container 16 and golf container 17 in FIG. 1 and then screwed into receivers 21a and 22a (FIG. 3) into
their second locking position in FIGS. 2 and 3. As best seen in FIG. 2, receiver 21b for receiving the locking screw pin 21 is shown for receiving thereof when the kit 16 is in the upright position as shown in FIG. 1.

In order to drive scooter 1, the user or player at first brings one foot onto one of the relative parallel support bases 2, 3 of the scooter and, with the other foot still on the ground, starts the rotation of the motor by means of the
acceleration grip 20. Then, the user also brings the other foot onto other previously unused the support base. To stop the scooter-type motor vehicle, grip 20 is again moved towards its starting position to reduce the speed and, by means of an
auto-brake or other conventional means (not shown), the scooter vehicle movement may also be rapidly stopped and the vehicle is held in slanting position towards the ground by means of a conventional support (not shown) or by the user.

For size reduction when storage is desired which permits the loading of the scooter onto a motor car, locking screw pins 21 and 22, schematically shown, (see FIG. 3) are unscrewed and the unit 11 which includes kit container 16, golf club
container 17, seat support 18 and support part 19 are rotated about rotation joints 14, 15 relative to parallel support bases 2, 3 from a usage position to a storage position as shown in FIG. 2 and then locked in place in the FIG. 2 condition by means of
locking screw pins 21 and 22. By means of a fitting knob (not shown) or other conventional means, joint 8 is unscrewed and is brought from the FIG. 1 usage position into the FIG. 3 storage position with outer column 5 onto the container 17, the
telescopic steering column 9 carrying the handle-bar 10 also is moved to place it and the scooter into its compact condition.

In a preferred embodiment, the scooter is provided with a battery and motor 24 for electric operation.

While there has been shown and disclosed what is considered to be the preferred embodiments of the invention, various changes and modifications may be made without departing from the scope of the invention.

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