Monday, December 26, 2011

Low Cost Wind Power Plant Project

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Energy is an important part of any country’s economy. Today major energy need in a country is achieved by using conventional sources of energy. It includes coal, natural gas, nuclear fuel, etc. But these sources are limited on earth. Looking towards the environment effect as thermal plant releases smoke and ash which causes air pollution Nuclear power plant releases radioactive waste which are hazardous and cause air and land pollution. Due to these factor we concern our idea toward non conventional sources of energy. Non –conventional sources of energy are environmental friendly, easily available on earth .
Wind energy has evolved as one of the non conventional sources of energy . It is an indirect form of solar energy. Wind power plant extract energy from wind and convert it into mechanical energy which is used by turbine to convert it into electrical energy.
Cause of wind flow:
Due to non uniform heating of land and water by solar energy, air nearer to equator heats up quickly , these hot air tend to move upward because of less density ,The air vacancy created is filled by cold air coming from poles . Air carrying momentum is known as wind. Turbine blades as barrier which extract power from wind.
Advantages of wind energy
  • Wind energy is available in the country situated on bank of the sea.
  • Wind power plant does not require any additional source of energy for power generation.
  • It is pollution free and eco-friendly.
  • Both type of plant large scale and small scale can be constructed.
Download Full Report: Low Cost Wind Power Plant Project

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