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knowledge and data engineering project ideas

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1. A communication Perspective on Automatic Text Categorization
2. The Tiled Bitmap Forensic Analysis Algorithm
3. SimilarityProfiled Temporal Association Mining
4. Publishing composition of atomicity equivalent service of the collaboration
5. Reducing Redundancy in Subspace Clustering
6. ViDE A VisionBased Approach for Deep Web Data Extraction
7. Clustering sequential pattern mining of online collaborative learning data
8. Mining nonderivable frequent item sets over data stream
9. Record Matching over Query Results from Multiple Web Databases
10. Hierarchical distributed peer to peer document cluster cluster summarizations
11. Bridging Domains Using World Wide Knowledge for Transfer Learning
12. IsoMap EnergyEfficient Contour Mapping in Wireless Sensor Networks
13. RiMOM: A Dynamic Multistrategy Ontology Alignment Framework
14. Automating the Design and Construction of Query Forms
15. A Generic Local Algorithm for Mining Data Streams in Large Distributed Systems
16. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Personalized Web Search
17. Data Mining over peer to peer networks
18. Improving Personalization Solutions through Optimal Segmentation of Customer Bases
19. Optimization of Linear Recursive Queries in SQL
20. DomainDriven Data Mining: Challenges and Prospects
21. Filtering Data Streams for EntityBased Continuous Queries
22. The Impact of Diversity on Online Ensemble Learning in the Presence of Concept Drift
23. The Emerging Field of Semantic Scientific Knowledge Integration
24. Exception Handling Patterns for Process Modeling
25. Predictive Ensemble Pruning by Expectation Propagation
26. Histograms and Wavelets on Probabilistic Data
27. Text document clustering based on neighbors
28. Closing the Loop in Webpage Understanding
29. Query Processing Using Distance Oracles for Spatial Networks
30. Efficient Skyline Computation in Structured PeertoPeer Systems
31. Spectral Anonymization of Data
32. Mining Predictive kCNF Expressions
33. LogicBased Pattern Discovery
34. Structural and RoleOriented Web Service Discovery with Taxonomies in OWLS
35. Predective Ensemble Pruning By Expecting Propagation
36. FiVaTech PageLevel Web Data Extraction from Template Pages
37. KnowledgeBased Interactive Postmining of Association Rules Using Ontologies
38. A DivideandConquer Approach for Minimum Spacing TreeBased Clustering
39. Incremental Maintenance of Hop Labeling of Large Graphs
40. Active Integrity Constraints for Database Consistency Maintenance
41. Multimodal Fusion for Video Search Reranking
42. Maintaining Recursive Views of Regions and Connectivity in Networks
43. Introduction to the DomainDriven Data Mining Special Section
44. Superseding Nearest Neighbor Search on Uncertain Spatial Databases
45. Mining Projected Clusters in HighDimensional Spaces
46. Purpose based access control for privacy protection in relational database systems
47. kAnonymity in the Presence of External Databases
48. Ranked Query Processing in Uncertain Databases
49. PAM An Efficient and PrivacyAware Monitoring Framework for Continuously Moving Objects
50. Parallelizing ItineraryBased KNN Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
51. Learning to Adapt Web Information Extraction Knowledge and Discovering New Attributes via a Bayesian Approach
52. Predicting Missing items in Shopping Carts
53. Probabilistic Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries on Uncertain Data
54. Progressive Parametric Query Optimization
55. Projective Distribution of XQuery with Updates
56. Ranking and Suggestion Popular items
57. Incremental Evaluation of Visible Nearest Neighbor Queries
58. Signaling Potential Adverse Drug Reactions from Administrative Health Databases
59. Uninterpreted Schema Matching with Embedded Value Mapping under Opaque Column Names and Data Values
60. Kernel Discriminant Learning for Ordinal Regression
61. Patch alignment for Dimensionality Reduction
62. Performance Comparison of the Tree and the Quadtree for kNN and Distance Join Queries
63. FilterBased Data Partitioning for Training Multiple Classifier Systems
64. Communities and Emerging Semantics in Semantic Link Network
65. Towards an Effective XML Keyword Search
66. Probabilistic Topic Models for Learning Terminological Ontologies
67. PrivacyPreserving GradientDescent Methods
68. Dominant Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
69. Incremental and General Evaluation of Reverse Nearest Neighbors
70. IMine: Index Support for item Set Mining
71. Improved classification association rule mining
72. Prospective Infectious Disease Outbreak Detection Using Markov Switching Models
73. Approximate Distributed KMeans Clustering over a PeertoPeer NW
74. PP Reputation Management Using Distributed Identities and Decentralized Recommendation Chains
75. Discovery of Structural and Functional Features in RNA Pseudoknots
76. OptimalLocationSelection Query Processing in Spatial Databases
77. Presence without Complete World Knowledge
78. Optimization Techniques for Reactive NW Monitoring
79. Temporal Association Rule Mining Based On TAPRIORI Alogrithm And its Typical Application
80. Batch Mode Active Learning with Applications to Text Categorization and Image Retrieval
81. Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization


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