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1. Virtual Guitar-Design and Simulation.
2. Detection of an object in a Movie.
3. Detection of trespass Model Design and Implementation.
4. Tracking Cars Using Background Estimation.
5. Picture in Picture Model Based Design and Simulation.
6. Text to Speech Conversion Design and Implementation.
7. Stepper motor Control Design and Implementation.
8. Design and Simulation of Quiz Program software
9. Home Alarm System Design and Simulation.
10. Tic-Tac-Flow: Model of a Hand-held Game Design and Implementation.
11. Tank Fill and Empty with Animation Design and Simulation.
12. Sliding Puzzle Game Design and Simulation.
13. The Minesweeper Game Design and Simulation
14. Script Identification using Tamil or English.
MATLAB - 2010
1) Blind and Semi-Blind Deblurring of Natural Images
2) Automatic Histogram Threshold Using Fuzzy Measures
3) Unsupervised Multiphase Segmentation: A Phase Balancing Model
4) Biologically Inspired Feature Manifold for Scene Classification
5) Image Reconstruction Using Particle Filters and Multiple Hypotheses Testing
6) Compression Quality Prediction Model for JPEG2000
7) Image Thumbnails That Represent Blur and Noise
8) Perceptual Image Hashing Based on Virtual Watermark Detection
9) Contour let-Based Image Watermarking Using Optimum Detector in a Noisy Environment
10) Steerable Weighted Median Filters
11) Perceptual Image Hashing Based on Virtual Watermark Detection
12) A Perceptually Relevant Approach to Ringing Region Detection
13) An Optical Flow-Based Approach to Robust Face Recognition Under Expression Variations
14) Spatially Variant Convolution With Scaled B-Splines
15) High-Accuracy Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation From Noisy Images in Fourier Domain
16) A Robust Fuzzy Local Information C-Means Clustering Algorithm
17) Maximum a Posteriori Video Super-Resolution Using a New Multichannel Image Prior
18) Adaptive Directional Wavelet Transform Based on Directional Pre filtering
19) Data Embedding in JPEG Bit stream by Code Mapping
1. A Digital Watermarking Scheme Based on Singular Value Decomposition
2. A Digital Watermarking Scheme in JPEG-2000 Using the Properties of Wavelet Coefficient Sign
3. A framelet-based image inpainting algorithm
4. A new adaptive center weighted median filter for suppressing impulsive noise in images
5. A New Inpainting Method for Highlights Elimination by Colour Morphology
6. A new vector median filter for colour image processing
7. A SVD-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication
8. A Watermarking Scheme Based on Discrete Non-separable Wavelet Transform
9. A Wavelet Based Image Retrieval
10. A Wavelet-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Secure Image Authentication
11. An Image Inpainting Algorithm Based on Local Geometric Similarity
12. Blind Image Data Hiding in the Wavelet Domain
13. Block-based image inpainting in the wavelet domain
14. Efficient Optimization of Inpainting Scheme and Line Scratch Detection for Old Film Restoration
15. Extracting Facial Features and Face Inpainting
16. Extracting Facial Features and Face Inpainting
17. Image De-noising via Overlapping Wavelet Atoms
18. Image restoration using digital inpainting and noise removal
19. Image Similarity Comparison Using Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform
20. PCA-Based Recognition for Efficient Inpainting
21. Semi Fragile Watermarking Based on Wavelet Transform
22. Super-resolution in painting
23. SVD-Based Approach to Transparent Embedding Data into Digital Images
24. The Hybrid Principal Component Analysis Based on Wavelets and Moving Median Filter
25. Total Variation Wavelet in painting
26. Two Properties of SVD and Its Application in Data Hiding
27. Video and Image Processing
28. Wavelet Based Noise Reduction by Identification of Correlations
29. Wavelet Image Denoising Using Localized Thresholding Operators
30. Wavelet-Based Methods for Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Phase Images
31. Wavelet-Based Salient Region Extraction
1. A Robust Fuzzy Local Information C-Means Clustering Algorithm
2. Automatic Histogram Threshold Using Fuzzy Measures
3. Efficient Compression of Encrypted Grayscale Images
4. x - Image Inpainting by Patch Propagation Using Patch Sparsity
MATLAB – 2009
1. A New Statistical Detector for DWT-Based Additive Image Watermarking Using the Gauss–Hermite Expansion
2. Facial Recognition Using Multisensor Images Based on Localized Kernel Eigen Spaces
3. Morphological Background Detection and Enhancement of Images With Poor Lighting
4. PCA-Based Spatially Adaptive Denoising of CFA Images for Single-Sensor Digital Cameras
5. Radon Representation-Based Feature Descriptor for Texture Classification.
6. A Nonisolated Bidirectional ZVS-PWM Active Clamped DC–DC Converter
7. A Novel Three-Phase Three-Leg ACAC Converter Using Nine IGBTs
8. Family of Soft-Switching PWM Converters With Current Sharing in Switches
9. Multilevel Inverter For Grid-Connected PV System Employing Digital PI Controller
10. Phase Feedforward Control for Single-Phase Boost-Type SMR
11. Zero-Voltage Transition Current-Fed Full-Bridge PWM Converter

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